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We consider that it is our duty to protect the privacy of the personal information of our website visitors who can be identified in any way and who visit the site and use its services (hereinafter - "Services"). The condition of confidentiality applies to all information, which may obtain our website about the user during his staying at site and which possibly can be correlated with a particular user. This agreement also applies to the websites of our partner companies with whom we have the relevant contractual relations (hereinafter — "Partners").

Obtaining and using of the personal information

Our website receives all personal information about you when you register, when you use some of our services or products, in the case when you are using our site or the services of our partners.

Also, we may gather information about you when you are agreeing with the «Privacy Policy» on our website or have not completed the registration process. The types of personal information that may be collected on this website during the registration process, placing the orders and receiving any of the

services may include your name, patronymic and surname, postal address, e-mail, phone number. In addition, we may request a certain information about your habits, interests, types of products and services offered by the third-party partners of our website, which we can also offer you on our website.

Any of your personal information that we collect via the site remains your property. However, when you send your personal information to us you trust us to use your personal information for any legal using including:

  1. Making a product or service order.
  2. The transfer of your personal information to a third-party in order to order a product or service provided by a third party on our website.
  3. Display of advertising offers by means of telemarketing, mail marketing, pop-up windows, banner advertising.
  4. Tracking the execution of our ”User Agreement”.
  5. To check subscription, unsubscription, improve the content and the purpose of obtaining feedback. You agree that we may contact you at any time on the question of updates and (or) any other information, which we deem associated with the subsequent using of our website by you. We also reserve the right to transfer information about the present or the past user, if we deem that our site was used by the user for the commission of illegal activities.

We can provide third-party partners of our website with information about users who previously received targeted advertising campaigns in order to form future advertising campaigns and update information about the visitor used to obtain statistical data.

Third-party links

We are not responsible for the accuracy, confidentiality and user agreements of any third-party partners, which may be advertised on our website. Any third party advertising materials displayed on our website are owned by third-party advertisers, they do not relate to our site.

Our website automatically receives and records to server logs all the technical information from Your browser: IP address, cookie, requested products and visited pages. This information is written with the aim of improving the quality of maintenance for our users. We also ask for the email address (e-mail), which you need to log into the system, quickly and securely retrieving the password or to contact with you in emergency cases and also to conduct the process of business communication in case of provision of services. This address will never be used for any mailings, only for those which You explicitly subscribe to.

Your choice of using information

You have the opportunity to agree or disagree with a proposal to share your personal information with our third-party partners to implement you marketing communications during the registration process and (or) when you submit personal information to us on our Website. If you are contacted by representatives of any of these third-party partners, you must notify them personally about your preferences for the use of your personal data. Despite all of the above, we can work with third-party partners who can (independently or through their partners) post or read unique cookies in your web browser. These cookies give you access to the display of more personalized ads, content or services offered to you. To handle these types of cookies, we can provide the software a unique encrypted or hashed (not human readable) identifier associated with your email address, online advertisers who work with us may place cookies on your computer. No personal information which can identifies you is not associated with these cookies. You can unsubscribe from the appearance of the cookies on your computer in your browser settings.

Non-identifying personal information

We reserve the right to collect non-identifying personal information about you when you visit different pages of our Website. This non-identifying personal information includes: your browser type, your IP address, the type of operating system which you are using and the domain name of your ISP.

We use this non-identifying personal information to enhance the appearance and content of our webite and to enable you to personalize your work on the Internet. We can also use this information to analyze the use of the website as well as to offer you some products and services. We also reserve the right to use aggregated or grouped data about our visitors for goals not prohibited by law. The aggregated or grouped data is information that describes the demographics, usage and (or) the characteristics of our users as a generalized group. Visiting and providing us with your personal information you agree to allow us to provide such information to third-party partners. We also may use cookies to improve the use of our website. Cookies are text files which we store in your computer browser to store your preferences and settings. We use cookies to understand how the site is used, to personalize your work on the Internet and to improve the content and suggestions on our website.


We do not wittingly store any information about minors under the age of 18. Information on this website should not be given to persons under the age of 18. We caution all parents and recommend them to monitor the work of their children on the Internet.


We will strive to prevent any unauthorized access to Your personal information. However, data transmission over the Internet, mobile device or through a wireless device cannot guarantee complete security. We will continue to strengthen the system security as the availability of new technologies and methods.

We clamorously recommend You do not divulge your password to anyone. If you have forgotten your password, we will ask You to provide a document to confirm Your identity and we will send you an email containing a link which will allow you to reset the password and install a new one.

Please, remember when you use the service you control all information, which may be useful for our company. Ultimately, You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of Your identity, passwords and/or any other personal information in Your possession or in the process of using the Services. Always be careful and accountable for your personal information. We are not responsible for your information and cannot control the using of it by others. You should be careful in selecting the personal information which You submit to third-parties via the Services. Similarly, we are not responsible for the content of personal information or other information which You receive from other users through the Services. Therefore, You release us from any liability in connection with the content of any personal information or other information which You can receive using the Services. We cannot guarantee the verification and accuracy of personal information or other information provided by some third-parties, we are not responsible for it. Using such personal information or other information about other people, you release us from any liability.


You also agree with this "Privacy Policy" by using this website and (or) agreeing to obtain the necessary information from us by e-mail.  We reserve the right to change, modify, add and (or) to remove some parts of this "Privacy Policy" at any time by our own decision. All the new changes in "Privacy Policy" are immediately effective upon their posting on the website. Periodically check this page and stay tuned. Your continued use of the website and (or) agreement to our email communication which will follow the publication of changes to this "Privacy Policy" will mean your acceptance of any and all changes.

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