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The My Export digital platform will launch its own payment service

The My Export digital platform will launch its own payment service
14.04.2022 г.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia approved an order simplifying the procedure for issuing permits for the export of certain types of industrial products outside the territory of the Russian Federation. Now the issuance of permits will be carried out electronically (using the automated state information system “Foreign trade information” (AIS VTD) on the website The changes will come into force on April 15.

To submit an application electronically to the AIS VTD, exporters need to issue a cover letter with a list of documents to be sent and an application for a permit or a draft permit, generated in the system, with the necessary copies attached, and sign the specified set of papers with a qualified electronic signature of the authorized person of the applicant .

The rules for filling out and filling out an application using the system are described in detail in the new edition of the Procedure.

A significant difference between filing an application through AIS VTD is that an application for a permit is submitted for one product code in accordance with the TN VED of the EAEU. The form of the export permit will also change, as it will be formed in the electronic system.

The set of documents prepared by the applicant is sent in the system directly to the responsible sectoral department of the Ministry for the area of jurisdiction. The terms for consideration of the application remained the same.

The grounds for refusal to issue a permit may be the presence of a critical shortage of industrial products in Russia, the non-compliance of documents with the necessary requirements, or the incompleteness / inaccuracy of the information provided by the applicant. Please note that on the basis of an existing application, you can create a new one without filling in all the columns again.

The advantage of using AIS VTD, in addition to the possibility of filing an application electronically, is also the placement of information about issued export permits in a single system of interdepartmental electronic interaction, access to which is available to interested federal executive authorities, in particular the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

All additional information on preparing and filling out an application for an export permit will be posted on the website of support for participants of the VTD