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The EU has agreed on the fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia

The EU has agreed on the fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia
08.04.2022 г.

On April 8, 2022, the European Commission adopted the 5th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The sanctions package includes:

1) Coal ban
Ban on the import of all types of Russian coal.

2) Financial measures
Complete ban on operations and freezing of assets of four Russian banks. A ban on the provision of expensive services to Russia for working with crypto assets.

3) Transport
A complete ban on Russian and Belarusian transport companies from working in the EU. Some exemptions will cover basic necessities such as agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid, and energy.
The ban on the entry of ships under the Russian flag in the ports of the EU. Exceptions apply, among others, for medical, food, energy and humanitarian purposes.

4) Targeted export bans
These include, for example, quantum computing, advanced semiconductors, sensitive equipment, transportation and chemicals. It also includes special catalysts for use in the oil refining industry. Ban on the export of jet fuel and fuel additives.

5) Extension of the import ban
Additional import bans on: cement, rubber products, timber, spirits (including Vodka), liquor, high-quality seafood (including caviar), as well as measures against bypassing potassium imports from Belarus.

6) Exclusion of Russia from government orders
A complete ban on the participation of Russian citizens and organizations in EU procurement contracts. Limited exemptions may be granted by the competent authorities in the absence of a viable alternative.