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Customs transit for a number of companies has been canceled

Customs transit for a number of companies has been canceled
01.09.2022 г.

Companies that export goods from foreign raw materials will no longer have to apply the customs transit procedure when re-exporting processed products. Transit was also canceled during the re-export of production waste and raw material residues. The corresponding changes, thanks to the specialists of the Russian Export Center, were made to the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 112 of August 9, 2022. It comes into force on September 10.

This decision creates even more favorable conditions for the processing of goods on the territory of the EAEU, allows foreign trade participants to significantly reduce the time and financial costs associated with customs clearance of products from imported raw materials. In addition, now companies do not need to undergo double inspection of goods, which ultimately makes it possible to increase the economic efficiency of export projects.

Nikita Gusakov,
Senior Vice President of the Russian Export Center

Also, thanks to this decision, the number of declarations that need to be processed during re-export has been reduced. Previously, companies had to fill out two declarations — transit and customs. Now it is enough to enter all the information in only one document — a declaration for goods. This will allow manufacturing companies to reduce costs, and customs authorities to increase the capacity at the borders.