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The Russian Export Center announced the update of the “Made in Russia” program

The Russian Export Center announced the update of the “Made in Russia” program
16.06.2022 г.

The Russian Export Center is relaunching the “Made in Russia” program to support domestic exporters so that as many companies that produce quality products as possible can join it. Veronika Nikishina, Director General of the Russian Export Center, spoke about this during the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“We believe that this program should be scaled up, and in partnership with the largest business associations and government agencies, which are also responsible for the certification system, we want to expand the opportunities for Russian companies to participate in the Made in Russia program. The meaning of our new concept is that if a Russian company decides to pass a voluntary certification system in any field and receives such a certificate, then it has the right to our “bird”. Both the Russian Export Center and the companies themselves have been promoting this “bird” abroad for several years now; it symbolizes the advantages of Russian products, their additional elements of quality. Therefore, exporters who receive a “bird” will receive additional support and a competitive advantage at the same time,” said the head of the Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF).

“Bird” “Made in Russia” is a kind of talisman for many exporters. We want to maximize the effect of promoting Russian products not through the promotion of specific brands, but through the promotion of an umbrella brand,” added Veronika Nikishina.

Before approving the new program, the Russian Export Center invites companies, interested ministries and departments, as well as everyone who is not indifferent to the image of Russian products to discuss the updated concept for discussion. The first results of working with the brand will be summed up at the Made in Russia International Export Forum organized by the Russian Export Center and which will be held on October 20-22, 2022 in Moscow, at the Manege.