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The Russian Export Center compiled a summary map of restrictions for exporters

The Russian Export Center compiled a summary map of restrictions for exporters
04.03.2022 г.

The Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) regularly works to systematize and recheck the news background in official sources, which concerns the application of restrictive measures against Russia.

The result of this work was the “Information Bulletin” on restrictive measures, which has been published on the website ( since March 4 and will be updated daily * as new official information about the introduction or lifting of restrictions is confirmed that relate to the foreign economic activity of the country. Also, access to it will appear in the social networks of the REC Group.

As one of the main tasks in the current situation, we see clearing up the “news noise” and forming a real and proven picture of the restrictions that apply to Russian exporters and their business.

In the newsletter, you can find information about financial and trade restrictions, restrictions related to freedom of movement, as well as any other measures that may affect the activities of exporters.

In order to understand the flow of information and understand the real situation, they are divided by country and divided into “Restrictions Accepted” and “Restrictions Announced”.

In addition, in the bulletin you can find the “Heatmap of restrictions”, which in a visual form will help to get an idea of the current positions of the countries of the world regarding the introduction of restrictive measures.

Exporters will also be able to learn from the bulletin about the latest changes in Russian laws and regulations related to foreign trade operations, a list of companies that are subject to restrictions, as well as detailed information on individual export markets.

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