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Russian agricultural products will be promoted free of charge in China

Russian agricultural products will be promoted free of charge in China
14.11.2022 г.

The demonstration and tasting pavilion of Russian agricultural products in Shanghai will further promote Made in Russia products from its shelves through e-commerce channels and in retail chains. The corresponding cooperation agreements on the sidelines of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) were signed by the pavilion operator in China, SLSi-Rus, and 10 Chinese companies specializing in retail and wholesale trade.

Russian companies that exhibit their products in this showroom will have additional opportunities to tell Chinese consumers about their products for free.

“China is one of the priority markets for us, and our common task with the operator of the pavilion in Shanghai is to create the most effective mechanism for promoting domestic agricultural products on the local market. Agreements with companies working in the field of e—commerce and wholesale sales are an important step in this direction, which will allow Russian products to be promoted on marketplaces and retail chains on a gratuitous basis for exporters,” said Alexey Solodov, Vice President of the Russian Export Center.

For the Chinese side, an additional guarantee of the quality of agricultural products imported from Russia is the Made in Russia certification, which confirms the quality, environmental friendliness, organicity, energy efficiency and reliability of Russian goods.

In addition, export contracts were signed with major Russian producers of pasta, flour products, deep-processed fruits and vegetables and Russian ice cream, beloved by Chinese citizens, within the framework of the exhibition with the support of SLSi-Rus. The total amount of contracts amounted to 6.6 million yuan.