We provide the whole range of services for the promotion of foreign goods at the Russian market. The range of services is aimed at increasing the volume and increasing the effectiveness of sales, it includes the following activities:

- Direct sales. Direct sales include the search for potential buyers of Your product at Russian market, negotiations with potential buyers and merchandise presentation, identifying the needs of potential buyers, negotiating and the signing of a contract for the supply of goods. Direct sales are very effective, allow you to work closely with customers and respond quickly to any changes in market conditions.

-Participation in exhibitions. A lot of different exhibitions held in Russia every year . Participation in the exhibition is a good opportunity to increase the sales, to attract a lot of new customers and profitable contracts.

-Participation in tenders. In Russia there are so many electronic trading platforms which carry out activities in the procurement of the various categories of goods We provide services to register  the documents which are necessary for participation in the tender, in accordance with the applicable Russian standards.

-Public relations. We disseminate information about goods in magazines and newspapers, in interviews  on the television and radio, by placing some information about the product in social networks, organizing mass events and promotions to create a positive image of the products.

-Sales promotion. These activities include the actions related to relationship marketing facilities and promotion of products. These sales promotion activities are aimed at the costumers to encourage them to make more purchases (contests and lotteries, loyalty programs, demonstration of goods by promoters), to trade partners to encourage them to increase the volume of trade transactions (providing with the trade and production equipment, assistance in personnel training, providing them with information and legal services), on the sales staff in order to encourage them to direct more efforts to improve the quality of service and attract customers (competitions on sales between employees, rewards and bonuses, a system of motivation).