Our company will give the compilation of a foreign trade contract and will negotiate its terms with the foreign partner.

The compilation of foreign trade contract and negotiation of its terms with the foreign partner is an important step in the implementation of export-import operations. The discrepancy of the contract or of any of its terms to the requirements of the law may leads to recognition of the contract null and void. When you create a contract with a foreign partner it is necessary to pay attention to the applicable law. This is the kind of the law that will be applied to govern relations between the partners. The relations of the partners are determined not only by the terms of the contract, but also by the norms of the applicable law. There are significant differences in the solution of the same issues of the law in the different countries. Therefore, we need to know, which type of the law will govern a particular contract.

The question of the law applicable to the contract is generally decided by the agreement of the partners but in the absence of such kind an agreement is resolved by the appropriate conflict rules of the Court to answer the question which country has the right to regulate relations. In addition, all representatives of the companies from different countries usually conclude contracts in two languages - the language of their own country and the language of their business partner. For today, the most common and accessible for all is the English language, so it is most often used for registration of business documents. What language will be conducted the correspondence relating to the foreign trade contract is another important condition which needs to be arranged for business partners. Both business partners must ensure that the validity of the contracts is the same because there can be some difficulties in the wording and terminology of the contract translation.