Our company will provide all possible customs services without limitations on the volume of cargo, types of vehicles, regions of operation, commodity items: furniture, chemicals, tools, clothes, shoes, floor coverings, construction and finishing materials, industrial equipment for various purposes, transportation and machinery, electronic components, spare car parts, food products and much more.

Representatives of the company RUSEKSPORT are concentrated in many cities of Russia including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok and others. Overseas representatives from China, Korea, Germany, Italy, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania will promptly respond to Your inquiry regarding the customs clearance, pre-qualification decisions of the customs Declaration, the cost of the customs clearance, calculation of the customs payments.

In addition, the specialists of our company organize the procurement of certificates required for the importation of goods to the territory of the country: the certificates of the compliance with a national technical regulations, certificates of a conformity to the technical regulations of the Customs Union, fire safety certificates and others. The certification of commercial goods is a confirmation of compliance of the products with the requirements established in the importing country.