Import to Russia

Searching for buyers in Russia

Specialists of our company will carry out a search for buyers of your goods in Russia.

Evaluation of reliability of the Russian buyer

In order to minimize the risks of contracting with an unfair purchasers and as a consequence in order to minimize the risks of improper accepting of...

Technical and legal translation services

Very often there is a necessity to translate the different types of the texts in the implementation of export-import projects.

Sending samples of the products to a russian buyers

Our company will arrange a shipment of the sample goods to a foreign buyers to confirm the quality, to test the product, to certificate of goods pur...

Conclusion of a foreign trade contract with a foreign supplier

Our company will give the compilation of a foreign trade contract and will negotiate its terms with the foreign partner.

Contract with the Russian buyer and sale of goods

Specialists of our company will do the preparation, negotiation of terms and conclusion of a contract with a Russian buyer in accordance with the ru...

Customs clearance, certification and obtaining the necessary permits

Our company will provide all possible customs services without limitations on the volume of cargo, types of vehicles, regions of operation, commodit...

Cargo insurance

Financial losses are a threat to the many international and domestic cargo transportations.

Delivery of the goods to a foreign buyer

We cooperate with so many leading Russian and foreign logistics companies.

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