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  • Any kind of vehicles
  • Delivery of groupage cargo
    from 1 kg
  • Customs clearance and insurance
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6 reasons to choose us

Import under our Contract
We ourselves buy, legalize goods from China and sell to you from a Russian legal entity

Own warehouses in China
Own warehouses allow you to collect cargo from all over China, consolidate and send to Russia

Delivery of groupage cargo from 1 kg
We deliver cargo from China of any weight and dimensions

Any types of vehicles
Auto delivery, sea transportation, rail transportation, air delivery

Customs clearance and insurance
Calculation of customs payments, registration of permits, cargo insurance

Any border crossings
“Kani-Kurgan-Heihe”, “Borderline-Suifenhe”, “Zabaikalsk-Manchuria”, “Reed-Hunchun” and “Kraskino-Hunchun”

Supply of goods
from China turnkey
We take care of everything
on yourself!

  • We will buy the goods from the Chinese supplier ourselves.
  • We will choose the best delivery route in terms of cost and time.
  • Let’s clear customs.
  • We will deliver the goods to your warehouse with a full set of documents from a Russian legal entity.

Obvious pluses:

  • You pay to the only Russian legal entity. to a person, and not to many intermediaries at different stages of delivery from China
  • One Russian legal entity is responsible for the entire supply chain from door to door
  • Our best declarants handle customs clearance
  • A well-chosen TN VED code will reduce import duties
  • Pre-filing of the declaration – minimizes the cost of downtime at customs

in numbers

3 792 600 km

Distance traveled during delivery of goods to our Customers
It's like 5 times
to the moon and back!

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new clients


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issued declarations

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We are trusted

Examples of our work

Delivery of steel sheets from China
Supply of rubber caterpillars for special equipment from China
Delivery of components for gas stations from China
Delivery of components for gradilers from China
Delivery of a screw air compressor from China
Delivery of a stone processing machine from China

Partnership relations with leading automobile, railway, sea and air operators give our company the opportunity to carry out transportation over intercontinental distances without restrictions on weight, cargo volume and types of vehicles.


The transport services market is so oversaturated and between the Customer and the direct Contractors there are several more Intermediaries which increases the cost of delivery.

It is almost impossible to enter into contractual relations with direct performers without proper experience and knowledge independently.


More than 10 years we have been moving goods across the customs border of Russia.

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