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About the company

Sincerely, Kirill Kuznetsov. General director of 
Sincerely, Kirill Kuznetsov
General director of
Dear Friends,
we are glad to welcome you!

Our company provides afull range of services for Export and Import of goods across the customs border of Russia for Russian and foreign companies:

– organization and execution of international transactions
– contracting and negotiation of delivery terms
– customs clearance and permissive documentation
– a full range of logistics services
– selection of suppliers in Russia and abroad
– expansion of sales geography
– analytics and research of markets
– promotion into the foreign and Russian markets

We will be glad to see you among our clients!

Sincerely, Kirill Kuznetsov
General director of

About the company

Our mission is to ensure the entry of Russian companies into foreign markets.

We are convinced that there are no borders for Russian goods and services!

In addition, we strive to ensure the possibility of unhindered interaction
of Russian companies with foreign markets in order to import the necessary goods to Russia as well as the possibility of foreign companies entering the Russian market.

About us in 60 seconds

in numbers

3 792 600 km

Distance traveled during delivery of goods to our Customers
It's like 5 times
to the moon and back!

$0 millions

total sales


completed contracts


new clients


Of customers turn to us again!


issued declarations

more than 0

countries of collaboration

About us in 60 seconds

History of the Company


Today RUSEXPORT provides a full range of services in the field of
international trade for Russian and foreign companies.


Development and launch of a new corporate website.


The COVID-19 pandemic, self-isolation, the US-China trade wars, a multiple increase in the cost of container transportation. Rethinking the transport services market and developing new logistics routes. The distance traveled during delivery of goods to our Customers is more
than 3,500,000 kilometers – it’s like 5 times to the moon and back! Moving in a new Class A office.


Launch of new directions: Promotion into foreign markets, Selection of suppliers in Russia (for foreign companies), Selection of foreign suppliers, Promotion into the Russian market (for foreign companies). The geography of the company includes more than 20 countries of cooperation! More than 100 new customers, 80% of customers apply again.


New office. Sustainable development. Recruitment and training of new employees. Disappointment in working with marketing agencies and formation of our own marketing and advertising department, development of Internet resources in various fields of activity, setting up advertising campaigns in Russian-speaking and other countries. Development of unique methods of promotion into country markets and selection of suppliers for Russian and foreign companies.


First WEB site. The first steps in the field of Internet marketing, work with contractors in this direction, the creation of Internet resources for certain types of services and various areas of activity, setting up the first advertising campaigns. Replenishment of the team with employees from China, Turkey, India, Egypt and Algeria.


Launch of new directions: Customs clearance, FEA outsourcing, Air freight delivery. Further development of Export, Import and cargo transportation services. Participation in international exhibition events in Russia and


The ruble devaluation at the end of 2014 caused a significant increase in demand for Russian goods from foreign companies. The first foreign trade contracts for export from Russia. Export of goods to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan. Import volumes increase, and the number of completed requests for cargo transportation is already more than 500 every month.


The Olympics in Sochi, the conflict in eastern Ukraine, sanctions, the ruble devaluation… Crisis? Staff reductions? NO!!! Rapid development! Road, Oversized, Railway, Container, Sea and River transportation including in international directions with customs clearance. Import of goods from China, Germany, Belarus, Italy, Turkey. Russia has taken a course on import substitution. And Crimea has also become Russian!


Rapid development. Number of employees – X3, office area – X2, revenue – X5. Rendering of freight forwarding services for the largest Russian retail chains and large manufacturing enterprises, performing more than 300 shipments per month. The first importing contracts with China and Turkey.


How did it all start? Kirill Kuznetsov came up with the idea of creating an export-oriented foreign trade company, but significant financial resources were required for its creation and development. In order to obtain the necessary financial resources quickly, it was decided to create a freight forwarding company, which provides services for cargo transportation by all modes of transport over any distance. The first office, the first team, the first contracts, the first Partners.

Our team

General Director
Сommercial director
Marketing and Advertising director
Director for Logistics
Director for Economics and Finance
Project Administrator
Project manager
Project manager
Project Administrator
Project manager
Project manager
Projects Administrator
Project manager
Project manager

Great attention to professional development of our employeеs

Professional development of our employeеs

A huge amount of attention in our company is paid to professional development of our employees. That is why our company conducts regular staff training in different areas of external economic activity. Also all our employees are given the opportunity to take courses to learn foreign languages.

International standards in project management

RUSEXPORT has implemented a project approach to management based on the methodology of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), our employees have certificates of various categories in the field of project management.

In our company you will find the right specialists

RUSEXPORT includes a huge number of specialists from completely different industries – agriculture and metallurgy, mechanical engineering or wood processing, the energy or chemical industry.

The company employs many specialists from different countries: China, Korea, India, Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria and other countries, which provides us an understanding with our foreign customers and partners.

Why you need to choose us

A special business approach and harmonious teamwork of our stuff at the all stages of implementation of export-import projects gives us a number of special advantages thanks to which we were chosen by our clients.

Qualified staff
Comprehensive solutions
Government support
Wide range of products
Communication system
Individual approach
Сorporate principles

Comprehensive solutions for your business

Almost any company, whose activities are related to production or trade faces the need to Import or Export goods or services sooner or later.

If conducting foreign economic activity is not a core area for your company, it is better to outsource FEA and focus on your business development.

Our company professionally provides services for organization of the entire supply chain during Exporting or Importing goods across the customs border of the Russian Federation.

of our work

Delivery of filter fabric from China
Delivery of a stone processing machine from China
Delivery of steel sheets from China
Supply of rubber caterpillars for special equipment from China
Supply of hydraulic cylinders from Russia to the UK
Supply of plastic products (preforms) from Russia to Mongolia
Delivery of filter fabric from China
Delivery of a stone processing machine from China
Delivery of steel sheets from China
Supply of rubber caterpillars for special equipment from China
Plaksin Peter Alekseevich. Сommercial director
Plaksin Peter Alekseevich
Сommercial director
Invite you to partnership

“We are interested in long-term partnerships based on respect, trust and
mutual assistance.

We constantly attract various companies to mutually beneficial cooperation including: consumers of our services, suppliers of goods and services in Russia and abroad, potential investors, state and public organizations.

We are also considering cooperation with companies and private individuals,
who are working on promising projects that require support. We are ready
to provide consulting and financial support for interesting projects.”

Plaksin Peter Alekseevich
Сommercial director
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