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  • Unique method of selection
  • 9 out of 10 appeals lead to the contract conclusion
  • At least 5 commercial offers


which really works

01 Determination of the HS code

All goods transported across the customs border of Russia are classified in accordance with the FEACN – Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature in the form of ten-character codes.

Each good is assigned a HS code, which is used in case of declaring and maintaining statistics of the Federal Customs Service. The HS code definition is necessary to analyze the FCS database for the interest categories of goods.

02 Analysis of FCS data for the last 3 years

Customs statistics contain comprehensive information about each movement of goods across the customs border of Russia.

  • – manufacturer
  • – country of origin
  • – name of the contract holder
  • – condition of delivery
  • – currency of the contract
  • – the price of the goods
  • – the name and characteristics of the goods
  • – preferences
  • – calculation of customs duties
  • – type of vehicle
  • – name of a consignee
  • – declaration number
  • – date of issue

Based on the analysis of the FCS database, we generate a report on the required HS code for the previous 3 years. The report contains information about all Russian suppliers of similar goods, the volume of deliveries, the dynamics of cost changes and much more.We conduct preliminary negotiations and request prices from suppliers for criteria of the Client.

03 Analytics and research of the Russian market

In order to find suppliers of similar goods, who have no experience of deliveries from Russia in foreign markets and have not been included in the customs statistics for the last 3 years, we conduct research and analysis of the Russian market using the following sources:

  • electronic databases
  • search engines
  • cartographic services
  • electronic trading platforms
  • social networks

As a result of the data analysis obtained from these sources, a report about the foreign suppliers of similar goods, who have no experience of deliveries to Russia and are not included in customs statistics is formed, and initial negotiations and a request for prices are conducted.

04 Reviews from real buyers

We contact only real buyers and get feedback about the product. We know how to identify a final buyer not only in Russia, but also in the countries where goods are sold.

We conduct a survey of real buyers on the topic:

  • – the quality of the product or service
  • – experience of using
  • – fulfillment of the contract terms by the supplier
  • – compliance with the declared characteristics
  • – advantages and disadvantages of the product
05 Choosing the optimal supplier

As a result of collecting and analyzing all obtained data we select TOP 10 suppliers based on the Client’s task.

All potential suppliers are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • – the cost of the product or service
  • – logistics component
  • – time of delivery or providing services
  • – the volume of deliveries in monetary and quantitative terms
  • – the period of supplier existence
  • – availability of certificates of conformity of the quality management system
  • – availability of product certification for foreign markets
  • – production and storage facilities
  • – experience of deliveries from Russia in foreign markets
06 Checking the reliability and business reputation of the supplier

Existing information systems allow to make a detailed analysis of the supplier’s company. The following parameters are evaluated during the supplier reliability check:

  1. His legal status
  2. Owners, managers and related legal entities
  3. Number of employees
  4. Revenue and business value
  5. History of its changes
  6. Information about the bankruptcy
  7. Analysis of existing court cases
  8. Imformation in media
  9. Availability of fixed assets
  10. Checking the registers of unscrupulous suppliers
  11. Departure to the supplier, photo/video report of the office, production, warehouse

If the supplier turns out to be unreliable, this procedure is repeated with other companies from TOP 10 list.

07 Receiving product samples

We will arrange delivery of the goods samples to the Buyer for quality control or testing, if it is necessary.

Samples of goods require customs clearance like any other goods transported across the customs border of Russia.

We send samples by courier services or by vehicles.

08 Signing of a foreign trade contract

The final stage of choosing a Russian supplier is the signing of a foreign trade contract between our company and a foreign buyer in two languages.

At the same time, we conclude a contract with a Russian supplier in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation. We have extensive experience and guarantee prompt resolution of disputes with Russian suppliers in pre-trial and judicial procedures in cases of improper fulfillment of contractual obligations by the supplier.

We provide a full range of services for the Export across the customs border of Russia

  • Organization of international transactions
  • Contracting and negotiation of delivery terms
  • Customs clearance and permissive documentation
  • Integrated logistics solutions
  • Cargo insurance
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