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the third STEP
to the Russian buyer

This stage is important because it has a significant impact
on the final cost of product.

  • loading
  • transportation
  • unloading

Possible reasons for additional costs 

  • cargo unavailability
  • unsuitable transport
  • exceeding of loading time
  • downtime of lifting machines
  • lack of cargo weight control
  • incorrect сargo positioning/fastening
  • errors in shipping documents
  • false information in the customs declaration
  • unavailability of documents for release
  • customs inspections
  • violation of the transport conditions
  • violation of the transportation terms
  • disorganized delivery processes
  • irresponsibility of performers
  • unavailability to receive cargo
  • exceeding of unloading time
  • downtime of lifting machines
  • unavailability of documents for cargo receive
  • disorganized unloading processes
  • violation of unloading conditions
  • negligence of competent person

Selection of the optimal logistics model

The logistics model chosen upon agreeing on the terms of delivery may not be effective, when the cargo delivery time will come.

The time and cost of delivery can be varied due to the seasonal occurrence, the cargo flows redistribution, the implementation of large projects, the political and economic reasons.

The transport services market is quite dynamic and more favorable delivery offers may appear in the near furure. Also, delivery time and cost may increase significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of current events, understand the market situation and constantly monitor delivery time and cost.


The transport services market is so oversaturated and between the Customer and the direct Contractors there are several more Intermediaries which increases the cost of delivery.

It is almost impossible to enter into contractual relations with direct performers without proper experience and knowledge independently. Such circumstances often make foreign goods not competitive in price on the Russian market.

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