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Establishment of distribution networks
on the Russian market

  • professional supply management
  • the full range of logistics services
  • distributor services

We work for constant sales growth and expansion of sales geography of foreign manufacturers on the Russian market.

Sales are the most important function of any company. A lot of things happens to the goods before it gets from a foreign manufacturer to a Russian consumer.

The cost of a foreign product and its competitiveness depend напрямую зависят от организации всей цепочки поставок the entire supply chain organization and on the ability to optimize costs at all stages.

The main stages of product supply on foreign markets:

Preparation for sale on the Russian market

Russia has its own trade rules, requirements for packaging and labeling,
taste preferences, requirements for the expiration date and warranty

It is necessary to follow a number of conditions dictated by the internal
rules for successful sales in Russia.

Certification and permissive documentation.

The amount of permissive documentation is determined depending
on the product name and its characteristics. Such documentation may include various certificates (phytosanitary, conformity, etc.),
declarations of conformity, registration of trademarks, inclusion in state registers and others. Such documents are issued by organizations
in Russia or by organizations in the country of sale.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is run twice in case of delivery of foreign goods to Russia: when goods are released from the territory of the supplier countries and when goods are imported into Russia.

HS code is determined by the description of the goods, then the
amount of duties and taxes for import to Russia is calculated. Moreover, theremay be preferences for the payment of duties and taxes upon providing a certificate of country of origin for goods or
other documents. For example, import duty is not collected in case of
providing a certificate of origin of the goods for imports from some countries with which the Russian Federation has signed trade agreements.

The supplier’s country also has its own export duties and taxes.

Delivery of goods

There are a lot of ways of cargo delivery, they are different by types of vehicles, delivery terms, transportation conditions. The optimal one
might be selected based on the cargo parameters, its weight and size
characteristics, transportation requirements, delivery time requirementsand other conditions.

In some cases it is necessary to solve problems related to the
organization of goods in warehouses in Russia, its distribution and maintenanceof warehouse balances.

The logistics services market has countless intermediaries, which form added value. It is almost impossible to choose the most efficient and economical way of delivery without having a high level of expertise in this area.

Assistance during installation and commissioning

In case of technological equipment delivering, issues related to its
installation and commissioning are solved in different ways. It depends on its complexity.

In some cases, it is possible to use the relevant services of Russian companies, in other cases, the installation supervision of the manufacturer will be required.

Warranty and service maintenance

It is necessary to provide warranty and service maintenance for many
categories of goods imported to Russia.

It is necessary to create service centers, engage in employee
recruitment and personnel training, organize the supplying of spare parts.

Acceptance of quality claims

It is necessary to resolve issues regarding quality claims, deal with such claims and interact with the manufacturer to exclude the possibility of
such claims in the future.

It is possible to improve the quality of the delivered goods and increase its competitive advantages with the help of such feedback.

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