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The Russian Export Center announces the launch of the updated “Made in Russia” certification program

The Russian Export Center announces the launch of the updated “Made in Russia” certification program
27.09.2022 г.

The Russian Export Center announces the launch of an updated program of free voluntary certification “Made in Russia”. The corresponding resolution fixing the rules for the use by the Russian Export Center of the “Made in Russia” conformity mark (“bird”) and the right to be the operator of the state program “Made in Russia” was signed by the Chairman of the Government of Russia Mikhail Mishustin.

To participate in the program, you need to fill out and submit a questionnaire on the REC website, and then receive a notification of the readiness of the certificate of conformity “Made in Russia” and its copy by e-mail. The document is issued within 10 working days.

The certificate “Made in Russia” gives the right to apply a conformity mark on the products — “birds” in the tricolor color. In addition, information about the company and its products will appear in the multilingual Made in Russia catalog.

The “bird” is a sign of the quality of Russian products, which has long been recognized in many countries. We have updated the program in order to make an even greater emphasis for the foreign consumer on the advantages of our products: their reliability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and organic origin. We will promote the products of the participants of the “Made in Russia” voluntary certification program abroad under a single “umbrella” brand Made in Russia. First of all, in the most promising and priority markets, including China and the Middle East,” said the General Director of the Russian Export Center (VEB Group.Russian Federation) Veronika Nikishina.

The “Made in Russia” program is designed to unite exporters and manufacturers of reliable, competitive products with improved quality and safety characteristics under a single national brand “Made in Russia”. A company from any industry of non-primary non-energy exports can become a participant of the program. The first partners of the “Made in Russia” Voluntary certification System were Roskachestvo and the Ecological Union.